Entry #1

News! for my old fans.

2016-05-10 05:07:24 by sajo1

Been a long time.

I haven't been active here in a long long time. and there are some reasons for that.

During the first Audio Portal purge I basically lost every single track I ever made on here. That discouraged me from uploading anything new. I ended up elsewhere like my youtube channel and my soundcloud. I don't hold any hate or grudge for the mods or anything so this isn't a complaint about them. What had to be done was done and as a result, I improved as a person.

College also happened.

In 2012 - 2014 I went to college to learn skills for the Tech field. I graduated with a 3.6 GPA and an associates degree in Computer Science. Since then I have yet to find a job in the field, and am basically sitting with $50,000 in debt and a dead degree. I got back into my music as a coping mechanism for depression. Did a bunch of silly mashups and Covers.

In September 2014 I got commissioned for a game soundtrack / sound design. An indie action / adventure title. I worked on it for 9 months. Wrote 16 original songs and 40 sound effects.

Current News

Since February I have been at work on two separate albums. One is an electronic themed album. roughly 12 songs is the goal. The second is a digital orchestra album, inspired by various game composers that have influenced me through their music. I hope to have these finished and for sale by the end of the summer so I can start paying back my crippling student loan debt.

Thank you for your time,



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